Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane

Hi there!
Today it's me, Jenni, the youngest one of the sisters that got the honour to write a post here in Adora's blog.

The plan is that I will write a blog-post here every Friday, and if you feel like you can't wait until next friday for next post you'll find out what I'm doing the rest of the week at :

From now on I will switch my nickname "Cienwen Noor" to... *snaredrum*.... Iva Insane! (It's easier to remember, and a lot better, don't you think?) Actually, my middle name is "Iva", and I've always loved that so much! (Thanks mum & dad <3)
In honour of the day I want to dedicate this text to a person you may aldready know!?

She has vampire-teeths, making gorgeous cupcakes, is a great inspiration to a lot of people all over the world.... Yeah! You got it right! My sister, Adora BatBrat of course!
Adora and I have never grown up together. Partly because the difference in age, but also because we're half-sisters and just have the same dad.
My sister has always been a great source of inspiration to me, and I remember how fun and exiting it was for me as a kid to take the train to her over the weekend. She used to "force" me to listen to her kind of music, fix my hair and make up, do some shopping together with me (I was just permitted to buy black clothes of course), and eating apple-pie with vanilla ice-cream at a café were we could sit near the window and look down at the people on the streets.
When I grown a little older (and my feets no longer was to small), she let me borrow her pretty Dr. martens boots when I was there for visit. I can still remember how beautiful I felt like when I was wearing those shoes <3

She settled in as my "babysitter" when I, as a 14-year old little girl, wanted to go to electro-goth clubs to check out handsome guys with black hair and undercuts *drool*
In the summer 2007 she took me to my first music-festival ever- M'era Luna, and ever since then we've been visiting the festival every year. It's like a "sister-thing-weekend" for me!

It's Adora who is the "pushing" person when it comes to trips we want to make or parties we wanna go to. Whitout her I would probably been sitting on my chair and rotted.
I must say that Me and Adora are very close to each other and have a great sis-relationship.
I can always count on her and call her whenever i feel sad, happy, need some advice or.....whatever! <3
She'll never get mad at me (at least not so I notice it) and has a great patience!
She's one of the few persons I would sacrifice my life for, the one that can make me laugh until i burst in to tears, a wounderful mother to three sweet kids and she's so creative and arty that it makes everyone amazed!

I could make this list to a "never ending story" but I think I will stop here and finish my blog-post with:

Adora here.
...I'm speachless...
My heart just bursted over with love <3
Thank you so much for your kind words, sis.
Jenni is, as you noticed, just as wonderful and pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. And that means
I'm more like a pretty shell with a nasty and wicked inside.
But Jenni and I share the same feature; Insanity, so her new name, Iva Insane, is very accurate ;)

I'm very proud to be Jenni's sister, and I love how we both are so mutual even if we didn't grow up together.
My favorite every year is to walk with her beautiful self next to me when we go to M'era Luna.
I love you too <3 <3 <3

I'm so happy she wanted to join me here, and I hope many of you are pleased to know you now can tap in to her life too :)


  1. Jenni, your English is very good. I am impressed. I am soooo excited to hear two adorable sisters instead of just one adorable sister. Now if I can just convince you to come to St. Louis so I can drink your blood.

  2. You are both so incredible and stunning! So sweet of you Jenni! And you too, Adora!

  3. That was beautiful !
    I'm an only child & I've always wished that I had a brother, but you two are the ones who make me wish I had a sister, especially one who is into the same style as I am =].

  4. You should have your blog on Blogspot instead of WordPress. It'd be easier to follow you.

  5. I'm really excited about this new feature! You two are so cute and it's so nice to see sisters that get along so well!!

  6. You two are just soooo beautiful! I love your style and clothes ^^

  7. You (Jenni) are so sweet with your sister... I wish I had someone like you too, that loves me so much and declare it with so lovely words! <3

  8. That's great idea to have a Iva Insane Friday, I'm so excited. It's so much fun to follow (now) both of adorable sisters.. And your 'confession', Iva, is filling my soul with a big dose of warm feelings.
    Lot's of kisses!

  9. awwwwwwwwwwww :'D such a heartwarming blog, feel all warm and fuzzy inside (^_^)


  10. Very nice, good news
    This could indirectly fit the topic

    Always an inspiration... =)

  11. I love this new feature, and I really admire how you two have the best sister relationship. I've always admired you guys (well since i came across the vids on youtube) and I have to say you guys have been my inspiration because unfortunately i didn't have an awesome sister growing up but now I guess I could say I have you guys (kinda, can I be your fake sister? haha kidding) but anyways I hope this message was neither too long or too creepy O_O but I wanted to let that out. Stay awesome!

  12. Gorgeous!!!!! I love both!!! Kisses from Italy

  13. How beautiful sisters! I love you

  14. hey adora i found some awesome eye art i think you might like Eye_Make_Up_Design_by_Gothic_Moonlight

  15. <3 :) This post really made my day. Two gorgeous people in the same family! You are very lucky!

  16. Ni påminner om mig och min yngsta lillasyster. Hon är sju år yngre än mig och har följt mina alternativa fotspår. :) Visst är det underbart med en syster som tycker om samma saker som en själv?

    Blir kul att läsa vad du skriver också Jenni.

    Ha en bra dag båda två!

  17. I thought Jenni was similar to your age! :O How young is she? :D She is soooooo gorgeous, I look forward to reading about her more too!

  18. I just found your blog yesterday and allready I´m in love! Beautiful dirty rich rich <333

  19. oh my god I'm jealous :(
    I look forward to your blog-post ^^

  20. What a lovely post. :)
    I will hop on over and subscribe!

  21. Wait... Adora let you borrow her Doc Martens?! That's legit sisterly love, right there.

    I love both of my sisters, Doc Martens! They're, well, my everyday shoes! (my aunt is giving me her black ones too! omg)

    You can tell she loves you just coz of that. :D