Monday, September 5, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, part 3

Halfway through make up and outfit for Day 1 I just had to freak out a little and dance away in my cool slippers.
Then I had to drink some horrible drink to keep up appearances
(as you might see I tried on another bangs at first, but then I made a similar as my sister did. Apparently I looked like a manga character and they all laughed at me).
Hey camera, look at my pretty sister! Isn't she a doll?!
(White screen lenses in.)
the next drink was easier and more consensual.
Filling up the bag with alcohol, alcohol and some sunscreen.
and then we were ready to take a stroll to the festival.
(my husband really do look like a pygme between us, but he is 186 cm..)
I'm guessing there will have to be a part 4! But tomorrow is My Music Monday :)


  1. Hei Adora. Hope you answer this, even though you probably won't. Is it possible to get a hold of those lenses for us mortals? I really think they'd be cool when I dress like a night elf on the next cosplay-day!

  2. How much did those lenses cost? They're awesome looking!

  3. I love how yours bangs looked while they were longer ^^
    i fid it REALLY hard to curl my bange under like you do...

  4. Vannessa Aachen-EisenhaurSeptember 5, 2011 at 1:03 AM

    How do you and your sister come up with such completly rad names? My name is Vannessa..there's not that many "V" words to go with Vannessa..

  5. Can't wait for the first music Monday.

  6. LOLZ ^ ^ the look on your face right before the red cup drink.. haha Thank you for sharing these. <3

  7. Your theme song should be:
    Nanananananananana, BatBrat!

  8. You are amazing!

    Can you do a tutorial explaining how you do your hair, please?

  9. thanks for posting these picture *-* Why don't you make another video next year of your trip to the m'era luna ? :(
    please make a tutorial for your hairstyle with Jenni *_*
    Keep on your blog you are very sweet and inspiring, I admire you a lot *_*
    can't wait for your music of monday :D

  10. you look alot like Iva in the drink photos.. :D if it isnt oo much to ask, could you please tell us how you put your long hair up? im also long haired and its really messy when im cooking... you. are. FABULOS

  11. Holy Shit Today's monday

  12. I loved the heart cardigan! So cute! ^^

    You really looked like a manga character at first, but it was fun too hehehe

    The make up is jut amazing, and I think I understand why u just drunk things this day ^^"

    Have a nice week!