Sunday, September 18, 2011

In the studio: Black Religion

In the car over. Fairlight and Synthia are hilarious!
Been to the studio at my friends house to sing in a new version of Black Religion.
I'm supposed to sing it together with my sister, but since she couldn't this time, I did the whole shebang and she'll just do her parts later.
Man - I sing badly! I have the strangest voice, or as my darling husband says: "You don't have a nice voice, but it's kind of cool."
I can live with that...
My sister on the other hand has got a very nice and soft voice.

Inbetween verses I made a "Today's outfit" shoot.
I got asked how come my pictures can't be magnified anymore - and I must say it baffles me as well.
I have no idea what changed? I must have done something wrong. Ideas, anyone?


  1. You look lovely, as usual!

    Also, will "Black Religion" be available anywhere or is it just for fun?

  2. Loved the outfit!

    My voice isn't good as well. I'm thinking about learning some violin, tough :D

  3. maybe because you put your name in it, so its edited kind off.

  4. You look amazing as usual, and I would love to hear you sing.

  5. i think is the backgroud that makes your photos look a little bit odd,but you look gorgerous as always :)

  6. I wonder if Blogspot just sitewide changed some default settings about how links allowing the viewer to see the original picture size work? I don't use Blogspot, so I don't know much about it... You've been posting here for so long that I doubt that you just suddenly forgot how to do it right! :) I'd check the account settings for sure, and google the problem to see if other people are having it and what to do. If none of that works, I'd write Blogspot to ask. Hope that helps!

  7. your look here is awesome, expeccially in the photo with the headphones.Really cool