Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nature Goth

Today in pictures:

My ordinary Saturday routine is to wash and re-color my hair (I add a bit of Directions semi color to my conditioner) and then I cut the bangs.
Sweden had the most beautiful fall in store for us today, so we gathered the little ones and prepared to do a "Hanzel und Gretyl", but without the evil ending ;) We acctually love our kids <3
We packed some cookies and drinks in my 50's inspired picnic basket and headed for the forest.

I had a blast today! It was so much fun playing about and the weather made it feel like a fairytale.

We found the same place as we visited this spring to have our cookie break on and stuffed us with freshly baked cupcakes. Super nice <3 Pure pleasure.
We struck gold as well, and found a place with lots of blueberries so we plucked enough to make some blueberry cupcake tomorrow.


  1. so jealous of your bento box! they are so perfect for picnics

  2. Why are your pictures so small now?

  3. What a gorgeous place for a picnic. Adora, you and your hubby are such fabulous parents! Every time you write about what you are doing with or for your children I can't help but smile. HUZZAH for you both!!! And you're kids are such lucky little duckies!!!

  4. you are such a a lovely mother!
    It's so cute! I love your picture there with you and Synthia,TeeBee, and Fairlight all eating ^^
    And the one with your fangs on the box =^.^=

  5. No offense, but maybe you shouldn't feed your children cupcakes every other day? Take care!