Tuesday, September 20, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 2, part 1

Got up, all feeling just as happy as usual.
Put on our game faces, and some kind of clothes.
We had no special outfit for Day 2, just to be mostly black to wash off that unfaithfulness of wearing white yesterday.
Is it party yet?
Wonderfully beautiful Hanna and her sweet mum Marion came for a visit.
Our favorite Italians. So cool looking and so friendly :)
Our favorite Swedes! Crazy but kind of cute :)
Day 2, part 2 will follow.


  1. ah everyone looks so great. hanna's mum has the same expression and look to her like my mom does :) made me smile even bigger. oh and your sister look like a dolly in the picture :3


  2. could you please please do a tutorial on you make up it looks so amazing ! you always look so awesome!

  3. I would love a makeup tutorial of what you did there with the pink. It's so pretty!

    your sisters's skirt is beyond amazing. I'm like in love with it.

  4. @Anonymous: My sister actually designed that skirt herself!!! And had a friend sew it for her. And it is fab! My sister is most probably a geniuos!

  5. Amazing outfits!
    Loooove the pink in your make-up and Jenny's skirt is adorable! Haha she is a genius, you both are a genius!!

  6. Green is definitely your color!It's a bit strange, and I know you wrote U don't like it..But it's purrfect on you

  7. Adora, you addressed my comment. My life is now complete =)

    It's a beautiful skirt but I think you both are beautiful geniuses