Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Music Monday: Depeche Mode part II

Follow up from My Music Mondays: Depeche Mode.

I spend the whole summer listening to my Depeche Mode cassette.
My favorite song were (still is on the top list):
I can't believe how good this song is on my ears still.

I've wanted to wear make up since I was 7 I think, but the mother forbid it.
In the 6'th degree I actually wanted to wear make up so badly I painted on black lines on the outer side of the eyes with a felt pen when I got to school...

Well, for some reason I figured out the style of a "synthare" (that's what electro goths are called in Sweden), don't ask me how, but I understood that black was the thing that made me a real synthare.
I also bleached my hair, by this time cut like Annie Lennox.
By this time many people told me I looked a lot like her, and I can't say it hurted to hear :D
You might not know how I look with eyebrows, but this picture just underneath is very close to the original.
I so wish I had pictures to show you, but when I was a teen there were no digital cameras and taking pictures with a regular and develop them costed a fortune at the time. I do have pic's somewhere (paper copys) and if I ever find them I will make sure to share :)

Finally, when entering the 7'th Degree, I was allowed to wear make up, and I started off with just a little black on the water line the first day, and then I added some more every day untill I had white powder, blue rouge and black lips and black eyes. Now the me I've always been was born!

I had the fortune of growing up in the 80's when there were no limits, no shames, and being spectacular was hoorayed upon. Everyone was their own superstar with elaborate hairstyles and make up.

I immediately moved on to new friends in my parallel classes, all dressed in black and with the same music interests as me: Depeche Mode and Boy George (NOT electro music, but I LOOOOOVED him!!! He's my make up hero in my young years).

I've always knew I wasn't like everybody else, and now I felt like I found my klan. The one place where I was considered "normal". It was a wonderful time.
We formed a big girl group with 7-14 girls hanging out together, buying records, shopping for make up and black clothes, buying fabric and tried to alter and make our own outfits (that was only sold in Stockholm and Malmö at the time), and having dinner parties.
NO drinking and NO drugs (I've never tried drugs even!!! Unless my doctor prescribed me after some surgery), we were very proper and UCG-like :)

1988, I was 15, me and two of my best friends went to Gothenburg to see Depeche Mode play at their Music for the Masses tour. When they played:
we were in extacy! It was all so surreal! My first concert ever and it was a Depeche Mode concert in a full Scandinavium (the arena).
All the guests were looking so cool, and I fell in love with every boy with make up and high, black hair I saw.

Darn, this Depeche Mode love story will never end, since it's just a fantastic band...but I have to say I do NOT like their "newer" sound where they use live drums and guitarrs, that's just not what I signed up for....

Depeche Mode will always be my house Gods and have a HUGE impact on my life <3
I've been to every tour they've had in Sweden ever since, all super, except the last one.
It was awful and I felt very sad after since it was so much "rock" and not so much synth.
All my friends I have is because of Depeche Mode as well as my husband, so you see, I have DM to thank for a lot!
Here's another favorite:
I could ramble on for ever about the impact Depeche Mode had on my life, but I think you've got the general idea.


  1. Music for the Masses. Yes. Best album of that year, bar none. That and PiL's "Happy?" and Cure's "Kiss Me³" I think I played too much. Made my mom buy me big headphones so she didn't have to hear my music anymore.

  2. At that age, I wasn't specific in my music. I listened a lot on eurythmics though (she has a wonderful voice!). In 7-9th grade I listened mostly on goth and gothic rock wich not many in my little town knew something about.
    Reminding myself of the 80's, yeah it was a nice decade, speaking of music and tolerance. But as a preteen living in a tiny town is was horror.

  3. I have always had a crush on Martin L Gore, ever since I started to listen to DM. I realised a couple of years ago that I fall for men with weird hairstyles. I started out with the Cruxshadows, which still is my favourite band, and then I heard about DM. It's a shame that electro music isn't played on the radio. I would have loved to wake up in the mornings if I new they would play another great song for breakfast. Your blog is very inspiring! Good luck with your webshop and all!

  4. Thank you so much for he recipies and cute toppers I got with my order : ) And the make-up is amazing! :)

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! I just loved Question of time!