Thursday, September 15, 2011

Question time: My name?

Nicole Bogaard asked at Facebook:

Hey Adora! How are you? I have a did you come up with the name Adora Batbrat? -xXx-

My very first video. Presenting the Adora BatBrat to the world.
Pink hair is supercute!

I already had the name BatBrat registered for my company since many years, and that name just emerged in a dream!
I woke up shouting -I will call my company BatBrat!
My husband was all like; What?! Who?!

Many years later I already had a "famous" swedish name "Slynan" (a version of Bitch) but that didn't work well internationally, so I had to make a new one.
Having BatBrat in the name was acctually not what I planned for.

I wanted a name that started with the same letter I have in my natural name; "A".
I also wanted a name that could be recogniced as goth, so when I figured Adora out I needed something cool, and I already loved the name BatBrat so, what the hell, I re-used it! And Adora BatBrat was born.
Personally I love it <3 It feels very "me".
And I might just throw in the answer to my birth name as a bonus:
My birth name is Harriet Ann-Sophie Wimmerstedt.
I didn't take my husbands last name when we married, and I forbid him to change to mine just because I reason I fell in love with Ronny Gärdh and not Ronny Wimmerstedt.
Romantic, right :)


  1. Well, I believe you made a bright decision chosing the name Adora it's both cute and goth. <3

    And btw, you are so cute IRL (in the video) I would think that you aren't a day older than 27. ><

  2. I have a question!
    Well , I'm a big 80's fan :)
    And you were a teenager in the 80's :)
    Was it really much cooler to be a teenager in the 80's then now?
    I really want to know this :D The party's and concerts looked so much cooler then the ones now! :o

  3. So not this then?

  4. Ann Sophie it's a french name ! How come ? I'm from canada and I speak french. If you switch it up to sophie ann it's the name of the vampire queen in true blood. Humm I see what hey did there,,,hihi
    have a nice day

  5. that's a great story! thanks for telling it to us

  6. oh my goooood! U are so super cute *_*

  7. Awww <3 You and your husband sound so cute and in love. That's wonderful!! I really like the name "adora batbrat" I think it rolls off the tounge nicely and it's cute! ;P

  8. Harriet is such a lovely name and something about it really suits you! >.<

  9. Shelly great! Thanks for creating ans sharing it with us, such as great love story!

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  10. That's a great story. As you could of guessed my birth name is not ethereal, it's more of my state of being.;) ~ Ethereal )O(

  11. Oh stuff...
    "Hello..cutie! My little love!"
    That was so adorable with his acent! XP