Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aww, honey!

My husband must be the cutest!
This Saturday we were in a shop and I looked a bit extra at a quilt that would fit perfectly in Fairlight's room, from Au Maison, so it was a bit pricy (at least in Sweden they are). I really wanted it, but since I'm mostly an IKEA girl I thought this was way over budget. I'm so cheap!
But can you believe! He acted very non-man and acctually picked up om my long glance  at that quilt and the first day the store opened he went in an bought it for me (well, Fairlight's room).
You know stuff like this makes girls all bubbly and happy and "thankful" ;)

So, for you it might look ridiculous, like an old woman quilt, but I have to defend myself by saying it's very "it" in Sweden right now - and we all know I'm the typical it-girl next door *tihii tihiii*
It will look perfect on Fairlight's jumping spring mattress.
Yeah, that's a stereotype UCG; buying overpriced, trendy quilts for the kids to jump on.

A very romantic gesture from my love <3 One might say I have trained him well, or he just want's to do anything to make his princess happier. Either way works with me.


  1. This pattern is very retro-vintage looking. I think a good quality quilt is definitely worth the money. It can be a keepsake for your daughter.

  2. Åh den är ju jättefin. Jag tycker mixen goth och romantiskt vitt funkar jättebra :).
    Vilken snäll man du har!

  3. it looks so cute!!
    take care of your husband he seems to be perfect. I would be jealous if you weren't be the sweetest person on earth. :)
    lots of love F.