Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm having two kids down with fever :(
Fairlight and TeeBee is not on top today, and that is so sad because we had a Friday surprise planned for them, and on Saturday we'll go to a water park again.
I'm so hoping they will feel better tomorrow...
Me tired of all care taking, must sleep.


  1. So sorry for your little kids, hope they will heal in time for the park!
    =* kisses

  2. Hope they're getting well soon and
    can enjoy their time at the park .

    Best wishes

  3. Aww the poor little monsters.. :(

    Try using Thyme (yes yes, from the kitchen,the one that looks like this: as an infusion. Add honey if their throat aches or if they think it tastes bad. If it's viral it'll only relieve the symptoms, but if it's bacterian, the thyme, being antibacterian, will most likely cure it, if given in large quantities or strong infusions.

    I hope your kids will get better soon,

    A Shy Stalker.

  4. Umm there is some person faking you?

  5. The Shy Stalker is Back. To avoid you reaserch (I guess having sick kids kepps one busy), I'm adding some info on said thyme.

    "In 1725, a German apothecary discovered that the plant's essential oil contains a powerful disinfectant called thymol that is effective against bacteria and fungi. Thymol also acts as a expectorant, loosening phlegm in the respiratory tract so it can be coughed up. Later herbalists listed thyme for these uses and as remedy for numerous other complaints, including diarrhoea and fever. They prescribed the oil externally as an antiseptic for fungal infections such as athlete's foot."

    I hope it can help you. Thyme is usually easily available in one's kitchen and it cured many sinusitis and bronchitis of mine recently. Sometimes in a day, when I took a lot. It won't do anything against the cold or the flu because they're viral, and virus are not alive and thus can't be killed, but it'll at least relieve their symptoms.

    Bluuurgh TMI? Really hope they get better.

  6. I understand your position Adora, as I'm in the exact same situation!
    best wishes for a fast recovery to your kids : )