Monday, September 26, 2011

Todays outfit

This is hat week! I like any reason to wear hats, and having a nasty growth is as good as any. I will be a total UCG in my little hats all week. Here's the pillarbox with spangles from H&M.

I'm sneaking around like a spy
 It feels funny around the buttons, it tickles me
 Didn't it get cold all of a sudden?
 Ahhgg! Scary shit! My jacket disappeared out of the blue! Huh?
Shoes from China
Skirt: altered by me
Top and linen: H&M as Cubus
Gloves: Lindex
Face: me


  1. Raburīkōto! Hijō ni kawaii! : 3

  2. i love your outfits!

  3. GArr I need some more hats. I lost my topshop beret :(. This hat is super cute though x

  4. I'd love to participate in hat week but I can't wear even small hats to work and since I have to dress my hair around said hats it would look a crazy mess to take them off and put them back on throughout the day.

    May I'll do a Hat Week-end...

  5. Miss BatBrat, do you know where I can get a good black, pleated skirt for school uniform?

  6. Omg the shoes! Gimme ><