Monday, September 26, 2011

London plans

A week and 2 days left until I leave for London!!!
Today I was searching for something to do at night when attending this fun city.
I came across Tortue Garden we visited last year and found this picture of us:
All I can think about when seeing this picture is *hahaha* the fact that my sister's not wearing any panties! We had a blast at that the whole evening, joking around she's being like Britney Spears or getting pregnant just by sitting down, or that I could smell shrimps "Oh, it's just you".
She was so afraid the pantie monster would show on the pics :)
But no, she was shy this evening!


  1. The picture is so god damn cool ^_^
    I just love your hairstyles!
    Adora, could you please do a hairtutorial for these kind of big hairstyle one day? PLEASE!!!

  2. I really like that picture! And I love your make up!

  3. I will not be in London that week - damnit I was hoping to spy you wondering around Camden some time <3
    You are very beautiful in this photo Adora <3

  4. LOL shrimp! That's how me and my sister joke around, hilarious! You guys look great, glad you had fun :D

  5. actually she was right, latex is supposed to wear all alone! it's so thin anything put under would show ^^

  6. Jenni reminds me of Sarah Brightman in this picture. You are both Beautiful