Monday, September 12, 2011

Where's my poison?!

I've been so sad lately :(
I'm caught in a Catch 22.
I'm so sad I want to drink poison, and the reason for me being sad is I lost my Poison Necklace... see the complication?
But yesterday was a wondeful day when I all of a sudden found my lovely necklace (halsband, for those who wanna learn Swedish)!! It had moved in with one of my rosarys!

Picture borrowed from BB Catsy's Allison. Price for this lovely thing: $10.00
I was so happy, the birds were singing and a rainbow appeared outside my window (or perhaps in my deranged mind) and I was just about to put this lovely thing on when goth depression struck!
The poison had dried, and left was just an empty poison bottle. Buuu-ahhhh-haa-huuuhhh, me so saaaaad...
Me so saaad I want to drink poison, but what the hell? There is no poison for me to drínk.
God hates me.
BB Catsy on


  1. haha halsband is the german word for a bog's collar. we say halskette or just kette to a necklace but kette can also be a chain. language is a strange thing. It's always funny to read your blog. The necklace looks soo pretty.
    Have a wonderfull week.
    lots of love
    F. & her lovely kitty cat

  2. the same word halsband is in german halsband too.

  3. lol halsband is dutch for a dog's collar:P ketting is a necklace in dutch^^

  4. i just wanted to say that i love you and your younger sister! i read both of your blogs religiously! i only can dream of having the confidence you both have and wear so well!!! <3 lots of love sent your way

  5. Tip: When I was in London I saw bottles like that in a necklace, but with fine glitter in it - it looks super cute and sparkly, and it won't dry out! :D

  6. I'm so glad you found it! <3 Sorry, there is no poison inside the vial. :( But you can always channel your sadness into a beautiful craft project. Black fabric flowers, perhaps?

  7. I bought a yellow fluorescent version at Claire's with "toxic" on it :) Many Chemists asked me "Whats in it?" and i had to say "glitter", they expected potassiumchromate ;)

  8. I found out that the alcohol I was using to make sure the liquid didn't mold evaporated. :( I've been sealing the new corks in acyclic now to help with evaporation. Let me know if there's anything I can do!

  9. hey you can also get a necklace with "poison" in black colour from claire's :) I've seen it there, and they also have earrings with those cute little bottles of poison ;)