Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back from London!!!

Me and my fab sister are back from our London tour.
We had a blast! We meet so many fab people (thank's Facebook, and pretty goth guys hooking up with random Swedish stray goths in Camden). We had a lovely photoshoot with the talented Freyagushi as well.
Here's the first picture of me from the Freyagushi shoot:
Tomorrow I'll start from the beginning of the London trip. Starting with me almost missing the whole shebang...


  1. So excited to hear what you guys got up to! Gorgeous photo! :)

  2. It's "thanks Facebook", not "thank's Facebook" :-).

  3. What a funky photographer!!
    Looking fwd to hearing about London!

  4. Kim, if you hadn't noticed English isn't her first language you shouldn't be so rude about it. Especially considering Adora went out of her way to learn enough so the rest of us who cannot speak Swedish can enjoy her posts. Putting a smiley on the end doesn't make it cute either.

  5. Welcome back then. I bet London was totally fab. sisters are great to hang with.Wonderful photograph. Very expressive. Will wait patiently to hear the rest of your adventure :)