Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane

Long time no see, but I've been busy with a lot of stuff like work and a trip to London together with my sis <3 As soon I get better from my illness (It makes me soooo tired) I will update you about our crazy trip :D

Today I'm gonna gonna let you guys know which make up products I use to be an UCG (Upper Class Goth).

I buy most of my make up at Make Up Store, because it's one of the few good labels we have here in Sweden. We have M.A.C. as well, but I've never been a big fan of their products (Don't kill me now, please!)

I like Make Up Stores microshadows because they have a lot of nice colours to choose from. It's like being in a candy store for me!
Their black microshadow named "pollution" is a matte eyeshadow that works fine if you like to have a smokey eye look.
I always use a transparent eye-primer (from MUS as well) on my eyelid before I apply the eyeshadow. It makes the color more intensive and let it stays on forever!
If I'm in the mood to have a more shiny and sparkling type of smokey eyes I put some eyeshadow named "Cinderella" from M.A.C. on top of my black eyeshadow "pollution". The eyeshadow named "Cinderella" comes in, silver, dark blue or purple glitter.
As eyeliner I use a really cheap one from H&M, but I think it works fine! It only cost like 5 euro, so your wallet will be happy as well :) I buy different types of mascaras from time to time, but I'm very particular to buy a volume mascara though.
To paint my eyebrows I always use a black eye brown-pencil first, and then fill them in with an eye-liner.

I think you've already heard about "Kryolan" from my sisters make up-tips, and I'm a big fan of their products as well!
They have a lot of different types of foundations to choose from, and their prices are from under 20 euro up to 50 euros.
As powder I use IsaDoras compact powder (nr 10) most of the time, but since we were in London I totally fell in love with Illamasquas Foundation and powder foundation! I got quite disappointed of the products at first, but when I got home from London and applied the products with my brushes it just turned out fantastic! I Give Illamasqua ten starts!

I don't use to wear blush often, but last week when I was in London and borrowed my sisters blush "Chic" from Make Up Store, I actually started to like it!
And since I bought one today, I think I'll make my sister proud ;P
With my round babyface and apple-cheeks I will look more like a doll. It doesn't matter what I do, I always turn out "cute" with any make up I wear.
How the hell will I manage to look like a evil bitch?! Haha, you never get pleased of what you get, right?
Here is a list of the products you should go and buy immediately!
*Eye shadows- Most from make Up store & some of them from M.A.C. cosmetics.
*Eyeliner- H&M
*Foundation- Illamasqua or Kryolan
*Powder- Illamasqua or IsaDora
*Eyebrown pencil -IsaDora
*Lipstick- Make Up Store or Viva la Diva (I love their black one!)
*Glitter- Make Up Store
*Eye lashes- Definitely from Kryolan! (and then you can modify them on your own)

Hope you all get a nice weekend!
Much love/ Iva Insane
Adora here!
..and once again we got a fantastic Friday Special by Iva Insane, the worlds most beautiful girl <3 Thank's sis!
I have to agree with all of the above.

And; YES! I'm very proud getting you hooked on Chic blush :)
You look so cute in it..I mean, you look so scary and evil ;)
 (I always wanna look like a doll and be cute all the time, but I tend to look harsh and evil and my sister hates being cute, and would love to look cool and evil. I'd kill for her pretty doll face!).
I use the same products, but I rarely make the upper lids smokey, I like my sharp eyeliner edge most of the time, but I do like to smoke it under my eyes.

A big problem I used to have was black shadow and eyeliner falling down on my cheeks during the day. I solved it by using Kryolan Cake Eye liner together with Cake Eye liner sealer (makes a waterproof eyeliner). Or as my sister, a transparent primer together with the eye shadow will make the darn thing stay put.
I always use the primer when I want to have a very white shadow or a sweet black.
I'm also a fan of Kryolan products and use Kryolan Ultra foundation TV-white 2 or the new Kryolan product I'm testing for my webshop, a stick. And so far I'm a total fan!
I also bought Illamasqua foundation and powder when in London, but have not been able to try it out yet.

The plan with my webshop is to be able to buy all the (tested and approved) products I wear, in just one place. So far I'm only a Kryolan reseller but I'll add more.
I also think Viva la Diva's black lipstick is super.
And their black glitter eye shadow.
And the only M.A.C. product I use is their Fluidline; Blacktrack. It's a waterproof eyeliner that I use on the inside of the lower lid (waterline?). It last me a day.
H&M eyeliner is what I use to do my dots. I push it very hard to make the point bigger so I can have the dots I like. As eyeliner I only use Kryolan's Cake liner and M.A.C. fluidline.



  1. Haha That's almost with al Illamasqua products XD At first you almost hate them but after some tries you love them!

    Thank you both for all the nice info about your make-up products!

  2. Yeah I don't like MAC either. Why use MAC when you have products like Make Up Forever, Kryolan, Ben Nye and I even like GOSH better than MAC. I get these semi permanent eyebrows that I can wear all day (and even scratch them) without a single smudge. Plus I can have any colour eyebrow I like with GOSH semi permanent liner. I get comments on my pink, blue, green and even orange brows all the time. For Fall, I have been wearing Golds and Maroon eyebrows. For two beautiful ladies who love their classy drawn on brows, you should definitely check it out! I will enclose a link! It's called Eyeliner Extreme Art.

  3. Have you ever tried Grimas? It's a lot like Kryolan. I myself use it and I just love it! The Eyeshadow/Rouge are full of pigment and there are lots of colours to choose. And the Camouflage make-up is just perfect for eyelids before doing the eye make-up. With it the eyeshadow truly stays on the lid hole day!

  4. Wow, I'm so happy you mentioned Kryolan here, because I'm also a fan of them and about to study makeup at their makeup school next month! Can't wait! And yes, their white foundation is the love of my life!!
    Thanks for the review on MAC's products, I was curious what they are offering. So far I am very pleased of their dark purple lipstick.

  5. There is no reason to be ashamed of your apple cheeks.when you get older they will make you look younger. And definitely no reason to don't want to look cute,I would say beautiful. I'm also a fan of make up store, but I wish for less glitter in their eye shadows. Isadoras powder is the best I think. Krya på dig

  6. Iva looks so pretty with those dramatic eyebrows!

  7. Iva, you look so pretty with black hair!

    I agree about MAC, too...I use their Studio Tech foundation and the Fluidline: Blacktrack, but never find anything else to be so spectacular. I find NARS eyeshadows to be far better, and Bésame's matte lipsticks to be better formulated...

  8. The bangs and the round face in combination make the "cuteness". and you're also combining it with the piggy-tails, which makes it even more girly. to look like a bitch the hair has to change :-) try updo's.

    But acutally, I like your look. Enjoy it as long as you're young. Your face will get harsher and bitchier in age anyways.

  9. Have you tried LimeCrime's lipsticks? They have a black lipstick you would love called Styletto!