Friday, October 14, 2011

"..we're not all Adora BatBrat, and that's OK."

This line I found randomly!
It's from another blog: The Ultimate Goth Guide, and here's the part where I'm mentioned at the bottom.
I think that was a cute comment, it made me feel kind of special.
("-Yeah, Adora is a "special" child", my pediatrician said to my parents...).

A couple of months after giving birth to Synthia, our 1'st child. 2003.
From the guest post "Is Goth a lifestyle?" 10 april 2011
"I consider myself one of those 24/7 Gothy types - if I don't bother to Goth-up in the a.m. (although I have casual days like everybody else) I feel unconfident and just, well, not me. However, trying to adjust every area of your life to make it 'more Goth' borders on silly mallgoth territory, and a T-shirt-and-jeans-day won't actually kill you. As Amy says, it depends on what Goth does for you as to how much you want to involve it in your everyday life. In other words, we're not all Adora BatBrat, and that's OK."

And dear God, I really hope noone else is just like me! Poor goths..
Well, actually there is 8 Adora's, and we all lives inside the same body ;)


  1. Oh my God Adora, you have just made my day! You're an absolute idol of mine! <3

  2. Great quotes! I love the second one. I just don't have the money to be a full Goth 100% of the time but Goth is more of a mentality then a lifestyle or fashion. Though I feel so much more myself in Goth attire (^_^)b


  3. Kan det va sånt som händer när man googlar på sig själv. ;-) ? ha en fin helg o krya på dig.

  4. I love that! "We're all not Adora, and that's okay" :-)

  5. What boots are those?? They're perfect!