Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane


In March this year I got an email from a couple who had a sphynx- cat who they sadly needed to found a new home for.

I had looked after a cute, little, naked beauty for a while, and I got so happy when I finally found one (or.. they found me). I was determined that I didn't wanted a tortie or calico-coloured sphynx female, as one of my clients who work as a vet had told me they could be very special types of cats.
A sphynx-cat can have a lot of different skin colors

The day I went home to Ingelas (Who had a different name at that time) owner, and found out that it was a calico-female she had I just thought "oh nnnoooeees"
Ingela was a very charming, 2 years old little princess, so after seeing her (and given the calico-cat a chance) it just felt totally right to bring her to my place. I was in love <3
Ingelas owner thought I would be a perfect mum for the sweet little female-sphynx, so after two weeks I went back to them and brought the cute cat home to my place.

Since that evening I never sleep alone in my bed at night, reading magazines or sit at the computer without a cat cuddling my face. The fact is that It's really hard to take a shower alone or do the make up in the mornings and not have a cat at my shoulder, wounder what's going on?!
Sphynx-cats are real attention-whores and love to be with you all the time :)

Ingela like to visit new places, chewing at drinking straws, sit in the window and look at the birds outside, travel with me, cuddle with fleece-blankets and hiding at the most uncommon places. As she don't have any fur she love to sleep at spots that keep her naked little body warm. Her new favourite place are in a box full of panties! Don't ask me how she find out how to take off the flap of the box, but I guess that cats are very intelligent creatures :)

You need to bath a sphynx quite often because their skin get oily very fast. I need to force Ingela to the shower just about every fortnight, but it's different from cat to cat. Sadly she hate to take a bath, and I feel like I'm the evil mother of doom when it comes to that part.
Me and Ingela at a catshow this summer

If you want to get a sphynx cat, be sure you read a lot of the breed before you buy one. It's like having a five year old kid at your side 24/7 (Mom, what are you doing in there? Can we play now? Mommy, mommy, mommy!!?? Look at meeee!)
I'm not a big fan of kids, but I love Ingela anyway :)
And of course, you never get bored with a sphynx in your home.
Upper class cat?!
Adora here!

I agree with my sister, Ingela is just sooo pretty, but I can tell you she makes more chitchat than ALL of my kids together! And I have 3 of those!

We do love our cats, me too is a cat lady. I've always had cats in my home since I was a baby BatBrat.
(Well ,I do like most animals, but cats just have a very special place in my heart).

Right now I have 2 cats; Prince Vinyl and Porsche.
"Princen" was a gift from me to my husband when he turned 30, since we just lost one of our other cat-babies.
He was a 10 months old outplacement cat and his mum was a siamese and his dad was a birman. He turned out beautiful, lovely tempered and so, so soft fur to snuggle.

Picture of Armani, borrowed from Iphofes Birman and Idun S*Saddharma Pamina from Siames i Focus. This is NOT Prince Vinyl's real parents.

Our other cat is the full breed International Champion seal point siamese Porsche (EC S*Bergbackens Manga Poseidon).
He too was an outplacement cat from the lovely breeder Inga-Lill at Marilljos as his fatherhood days was over ;)

I got my loooovely seal point Signhild (Marilljos Jennifer Lopez) from her to and when I called her to let her know Signhild had to be put to sleep because of her long time renal failure she told me one of her most famous breeder cat, Porsche was about to become a castrat in 2 weeks and said he might like to get a new home at yours if you'd like to have him?
Would I?! I just couldn't believe my ears!!! Porsche!! <3
I knew ALL about him and was SO happy to be offered this super siamese.
Marilljos are known for their super typed and gorgeaous seal point siamese cats.
When we went to bring Signhild home a few years back (oh, how I miss her), we met Porsche, who was just about ½-1 year old at the moment - and I have been in love with him since then!
To be offered him helped a lot after the sadness of loosing my princess Signhild. He and Signhild were friends as well.

Signhild, and Porsche as a baby. Two of my favorite cats <3
Thank you ever so much Inga-Lill to trust me with your precious babies!
Porsche was 4 years old when he moved in last November. And although he's not been with the family even a year I feel like I've always known him.
We are all so in love with this high legged, sweet tempered and cuddly kitten. Mummy loves!
I had him at a cat show and he won Best In Show!
Porsche won Best In Show!
Or as Synthia said "-Mummy, even if I love Porsche so much I wanna squeeze him to death, I won't do it."
Hahaha, I sure hope not!


  1. I love your Blog,it's so amazing to read what you've done.
    Greetz. Nini

  2. Ohhh my! You both have such beautiful cats! I have only one cat, and she is a domestic short hair black cat. I adore her so! Her name is Lulubelle...and she bravely lives with five doggies! She actually belongs to the eldest dog, Othello...he is now blind...she helps him out quite a bit! Hearts, janna lynn

  3. I'm not usually fond of hairless kitties (I like longhairs - they always look chubby and chubby cats are <3 ) but that is one handsome kitty! Adora, yours are beautiful too!

    I am far more fond of mix-breeds, and we had four more born on Saturday! So tiny and sweet. <3 I want to name the grey and black one Beetlejuice, but my sister won't let me. ;-;

  4. LOL the upper-class cat pic is from a Ukrainian website! :P yeah, we do have UCC's here )))

  5. hahaha the cats says mom mom like...
    love your cats!!