Thursday, October 20, 2011

London 2011 - The trip, Day 1, part I

Me and Jenni crawled out of our coffins while it was still dark outside.
We tippitoed around eachother to get the best mirror view to be able to put on our vampire protect-make up.

Oh, perhaps you didn't know? That it is the make up that enables me to be out in the daylight without melting? Consider yourseft enlighten.

Left with some drama: Where's the fucking key?! Where's the passport?!
All that drama was made by my wonderful sister. I always keep my head cool (yeah, keep telling yourself that Queen of all Dramas).
10 points - we nailed the first tram we were supposed to!
Arrived at the Central Station where we had to wait for the airport bus.
Nooo stress. Nice and easy.
So unusual for me. I'm always doing things the last minute, and my dear, smart sister likes to be well in time. For me I'm pleased with just arriving 20 sec. before trains/busses leaves. It's a matter of being on time, not how far in time you are ;)
When we arrived at the airport it was time to collect the MONEY!!! Oh, how I love money.
I love it so much you will get 3 pictures of me with the MONEY!
Time to go through the Security check.
As usual we both know we better remove as much on us as possible, always the shoes as well...but still we beeps..and this day was no exclusion.
Both me and Jenni got a nice rub of our complete bodys (I totally recommend the Security check massage), and then they used the mobile beeper on us.
And where did I beep? In my hair belly button! This was before the surgery so perhaps I had some junk in there?
Jenni beeped in her hair as well - and in her butt!! We have no idea why, but it was a nice moment :)

Jenni's getting a hair massage by the Security check at the airport.
We recommend!
And off into the air where we both fell asleep since it was such a loooooong trip to London (1 hour and 40 minutes). When we arrived we had the best of luck, then some fun snob moments.
But all that will follow in London 2011 - The trip, Day 1, part II.


  1. i know this is irrelevant to the blog really, but jenni looks great with that yellow hair color :)

  2. hehehehe ... problems only goths have: making the security scanners beep and beep and beep! No matter how much you take off we beep! hehehe ...

  3. Deary me, how do you keep your skin so flawless? You look half your age! Vampire skills?

  4. Ha ha "security check massage" I laughed my heart out (and put it back again). Youre so funny. Hope your belly button are doing well and not contains any metal reminiscents from surgery.

  5. hahah you're always funny!! (and beautiful)
    I reeeeally like your boots here; are them from Demonia or what? :)