Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011: My look

Friday TeeBee had his usual Halloween Birthday party.
After the 5 minutes fast decoring (that actually turned out very good!) I did all over the place the party started.
I looked like this:
I'm quite satisfied with how the look turned out!
The dress I bought at Vanilla in Camden, London.

We left a note on the door for the guests:
"Ring the bell, count to 30 then enter. If you dare...."
It was just to give their kids a scary walk.
We put scary music on as we heard the bell and went hiding in the kitchen.
As they entered there was a fake man sleeping on the bench just inside the door.
They went through the slaughter drapery, went face to face with the ghost and a witches pot with smoke.
Entered the living room with the smashed witches legs under the table, sneak up to the lady with the black bag over her head.
Then we went out and TeeBee declared: Welcome to my party!!!

We had a fab evening and Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and Corpse Bride was rolling on the telly.


  1. Happy Halloween, dear Batbrat!

    I wanted to tell you that I put your picture here, with much love:

    And congratulate for you beautiful makeup art! I did something similar last year, look: (not professional like yours, but u know... heh)

    Much love from Brazil, we love you!
    Ölivia L.

  2. Fantastic costume and makeup ! <3<3<3 Happy Halloween !

  3. Happy halloween!
    Love your look like this ♥

  4. Awesome makeup! Your sons party seems to be a success. We had our party yesterday and succeeded to scare the hell out of the kids. Hegel.

  5. Happy Halloween Adora ♥
    Great look and mainly your make up *-*

  6. Sounds like a great party and I like your look, you look, intended or not, really cute.

  7. First of all Happy Halloween!
    You look amazing I would be so glade if you would make some tutorials. This make up looks so interesting, did you use a latex piece to creat the broken piece? and again a hair tutorial about your mera luna look would make me super happy.
    lots of love F.

  8. Your costume is amazing! the makeup, costume... uhhh it's perfect!

  9. seriously, this look is one of the best one that I see for this halloween, good job girl

  10. Good job! I love your makeup ^^. Did you do a tutorial for this one? I'd love to try it!

  11. LOVE that first photo! The makeup work is incredible!

  12. I really like how these turned out. The lips and stitches <3