Tuesday, November 1, 2011

V-log: Blood pressure

Am I really alive?


  1. My blood pressure is very low too. Once I was hooked to a machine that was supposed to measure my pulse from my fingertip. The machine didn't recognize I was there... I guess this is about the closest you can get to a living dead girl huh? :D

  2. my blood pressure is always low, but then when im sick or aggravated its perfect xD but hey, guess we are just less stressed or half dead. lol:b

  3. my normal blood pressure is very similar to yours! after my last op 3 weeks ago they kept a blood pressure monitor on me for 5 hours it started of extremely low but evened out after a while but it was normal for me :-)do you ever get any problems with it? Do you feel faint easily or when you are standing for a long time or if you are too warm?

    jo xx


  4. Hi. I wonder if you can post an old picuture of you before you became a goth. and maybe pic after you had become a goth. I think it would be fun for us readers to se.

  5. Or just with no make up! Ooh!