Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TeeBee baking

Friday TeeBee will have his Halloween Birthday party for our friends and their kids.
Today is TeeBee 's day at home so I made him work! He had to bake his own Birthday cake the poor child.
I'm such a evil Goth mum!
The cake turned out fab. Gonna make my kids work more often!


  1. Hi! I just came across you blogger page and I am super inlove with your look!!! You are a very beautiful and unique individual! <3 Angel from the philippines

  2. Cute kiddo, but curious as to what happened to music monday?

  3. Adora, I was seeing the pictures of Raquel Reed in the AltExclusive Magazine, and seems to me that she´s immitating your poses.
    Can be just an impression/coincidence but when I saw the pics I remembered you imediately!

    Look (in Facebook): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150297108566590&set=a.10150169053711590.312772.8023656589&type=3

    and http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150297108676590&set=a.10150169053711590.312772.8023656589&type=3

  4. hei adora! i always wonder how to pernounce you're kids names.. can you do a little video about it or something? i have followed you're blog from the beggining and i still wonder.. :D

  5. Hi adora!
    I really need your help :( I've been doing a method really similar to montgnac and i'm almost there, theres just 2 pounds missing, but i can't go to step 2. My friends ask me out for pizza and stuff but my brain feels like i just cannot do this. And i feel so bad, and so sad. How do you manage to eat? Because i see in your blog, that you do recipes and eat and still is a happy woman. What do you say to yourself when there's like a delicious cupcake in front of you?
    I dont know how to face this..
    Thank you adora, you're amazing at everything that you do!

  6. haha TeeBee is so cute :D
    Adora your blog is still cool and i'm so happy since your return from London but....where are the music mondays ? :(