Monday, October 24, 2011

Cats: outplacement.

If you want a cat I will totally recommend to everyone to take on an outplacement cat.
(I'm not sure that is the right word in english..?)
If you are like me, interested in a special breed and maybe color, you can still find a grown up breeders cat that needs a new home by many different reasons. Sometimes a breeder get a cat back from a previous owner since it didn't match the other cat at home (or the sofa), perhaps the owner is moving and can't keep the little one. Often there are very normal reasons for the cat moving.

Most breeders cats here in Sweden only have a few litters, then they will retire and often these cats can have trouble fitting in with the more aggressive fertile girls as a castrate and would love to have a new, bit calmer retirement home - maybe yours?
If you go for a siamese - go for two! They love company (most cats do) and you will get a much happier cat - well - cats!

Some of Porsches babies from the last litter. They are sooooo cute!
The things I see positively with taking on an adult cat is you already know the temper of the cat.
Kittens can be SO crazy!
And for us, having 3 kids as well, we don't have the time to dicipline another baby AND an adult cat can tell the kids when enough is enough!
Miu! There - you lost an arm, kiddo!

We have always had the best of luck with our outplacement cats.
They have all grown to be so adored by us.
For example; Princen when he arrived HATED being tickled on his cute belly and always was like a fox trap around your arm as soon as you tried to touch him there.
We trained him for a week with shoving him over, layed our hand on his belly and waited for the fox trap to close. Aouu!! It was such pain!!
But we kept the hand still, said "No", and waited for him to release his grip and then gave him re-inforcement by saying "Good" and then let go of his cutie belly.
One week later he was so happy to have his mushi-mushi belly tickled. We could even bury our face in it without risking the head coming off...
Since then he turns belly side up as soon as you come near him. Isn't that just too sweet <3
I am a real sucker for siamese cats, any color, but seal point got that special something for me.
Their temeperament is lovely, they are very attentive to you, wants to be with you all the time, are funny, happy and crazy, many likes to play apport, they are kind and almost baby like in the way the love you.
They are maintanence free (and for Cat Shows you just have to comb their fur for a week, clean their ears, nose and eyes and then you are ready to win!).

A Foreign White (white siamese, always hearing). This is Albert. Picture borrowed from breeder La Voix.
For you who lives in Sweden and also wanna check out the princes and princesses of the cat world, go to a cat show, speak with the breeders, let them know who you are and get a feeling for the breed.
If you are interested in having a cat for cat shows, take help from a pro on how your breeds standard is.
Both Signhild, Porsche and even Princen (he competed in the domestic cat league) won in their class (well, Princen came on 2'd place, but that was a proud moment still!).

Here are some pages where you can find outplacement cats from serious people:
Siames i Fokus: Omplacering
This girl, Honeybun, is one outplacement cat, and she's got good genes for Cat Shows I can tell.
(don't know if she's still up for adoption though)
Hold someones hand, this story is so scary!!!


  1. Beside my new baby, I only have cats rescued from outisde. One of them is a wild one (the real wild cat...) and all the others are poor abandonned animals. Rescued cats are so grateful that it makes you feel so very special.

  2. Tack för tipset med den lilla filmen, har lagt in den på min egen blogg nu också, gillade verkligen den!

    KRAM, Jenny

  3. My cat Salem is a rescue cat. :) He has the loveliest temperament ever. ^_^ He loves to lay in the sun, catch bugs, and cuddle... he also does the fox trap thing when you rub his belly though!

    a pic ~

  4. I was able to rescue a burmese cat from a little old man who couldn't take proper care of him. He is jet black and loves people. He had been sitting in the windows watching the birds out side for weeks and I had a piece of cardboard blocking the open part of the window next to my old air conditioner (i have since upgraded) but he some how saw an opportunity got that piece of cardboard out of the way and pulled a bird into my apartment without sticking more then a paw outside. Suffice to say the bird literally pooped itself but I was able to get it away unharmed and it dive bombed me a few times then flew back out the window.

  5. Yes! Always adopt a pet if you can from pet refuges. So many people get pets who can't take care of them or simply aren't responsible.

    I'm not a cat person though. Just remember that if a kittie were human sized, it would treat you like food. And that's not very cute at all.

  6. thank you! I don't know how things are in Sweden, but here in NYC about 20-50 cats are killed every day just because no one would adopt them :(

    There are a lot of purebred cats (including Siamese, Persian, Abyssinian) that die the NYC shelter system because of overcrowding, too. Thank you for being such a loving kitty owner!!

  7. I think in America we call them rescue animals. I'm all for rescue animals, but I my house is currently at cat and dog capacity.

    So far, all of my pets have been rescue animals. My cat, at 6 weeks old, had been thrown out of a car and left to die at a children's park. I found her cowering in fear under the tire of our car and my mom let me keep her until her dieing day. Our other two cats belonged to my grandmother, and we take care of them now that my grandmother has past. My dog, while bought at a pet shop, might as well have been a rescue. No one was taking care of him (his claws were more like talons, he couldn't walk on them), and he was being eaten alive by the other puppies in his cage.

    It's not just purebreds that need a home - mutts and mixbreeds need loving homes too!