Monday, October 17, 2011

Todays outfit

I've been out for the first time since Thursday, when I had my surgery done.
I put on my faux fur coat I bought in London, put on some new diva shades and spangle tights and went out.
I felt so UCG (Upper Class Goth)!
So what if the coat costed like $57 and the diva glasses were on sale for $7!
UCG isn't supposed to cost a fortune, just to look like it did ;)
Then you can put up a BIG mo-ha-haaa, just like I did.


  1. gorgeous! i love the big MO HA HAAAA!

    jo xxx

  2. I love this look! It kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga <3

  3. The UCG style suits you perfectly. And as you say its not about how much it costs, its the style itself :)

  4. you're really starting to annoy with this UCG ... is it really necessary to mention it in every post? so not funny anymore. nice coat.

  5. @Sunshade: I'm so sorry, but it's become an internal joke and I just laugh about it every time.
    But I'll try not to UCG that much ;) Although I might still add UCG stuff on me, I have many new ideas, and my pretty sister an I are planning to make us UCG jackets, so you might have to put up with the fact that UCG is here to stay ;) We have decided that's our style...
    We really don't fit in with the Gothic Lolitas, Dark Decora or Aristocrat Goth, so we just invented a new style. I like it!
    But - as you said, I will try to keep the UCG to myself here at the blog. Point taken. Thank's for commenting.
    Sure, most goths have the UCG style most of the time anyway since goths tend to be very stylish, but saying your style is goth can also mean kind of sloppy and washed out for some people.
    I like people to know I'm more of a proper dressed goth (most of the time) *says the girl who wears german stockings every now and then*.
    All my life people have asked me if I was supposed to attend a party afterwards? But no, I just pretend every day is a party. Why wear so-so clothes when you have so many nice outfits? I try to think party every day (even if I fail every second...)

  6. I hope I haven't offened you in some way, but I was also called this and I don't find it funny, but rather sometimes hurtful and insulting because people think the "UCG" is trying to be better than other. Which is not the point as you know. Sadly, it is more connected with being "stuck up" rather than stylish. Some people may get the wrong idea and if you write it often, since many visit your blog, they can use it more frequently. I sooo wish noone ever mentioned it, who ever came up with that term. Anyways, your style is awesome and unique and good on you for staying true to yourself for so long and portraying goths as happy people who are not stuck up or inpolite even though they dress as they do. Many regards.