Saturday, November 5, 2011

Busy with birthday baking

Phuh, this week is Autumn holiday week for school kids so I've had the kids at home almost every day this week <3
Been a good mum and made them bake, watched Lego StarWars movie, painted and play games with them all week. It's been very nice, but GOD it left me drained. I can't wait until Monday when they start school again!
Tomorrow is TeeBee's Birthday party for the relatives so I have a LOT to do.
I've done a few things so far...(but the stupid video didn't want to be uploaded...)


  1. TeeBee is so cute, he's going to break many ladies hearts one day. And I really think you are a good mother, always having time for your kids and doing fund stuff with them. like a mother should.

  2. I totally agree with agi! you're exactly what a mom is supposed to be: loving, caring and fun. lucky kids!
    as a mom myself I think you set really a good example

  3. I totally understand the feeling of being drained after quite some time spend with children. My little cousin is 4 years old and, as sweet as she is, I'm happy to be able to go home on my own after some hours of playing with her. :)

  4. Grattis till TeeBee!! När jag berättade vad dina barn heter så sa sambon att han tyckte bara bättre och bättre om dig :)