Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

God Jul as we say here in Sweden (or Goth Jul as we Swedish Goths say). I'm looking forward to a lovely evening at my dad's and extra mom's house today <3

My lovely, and insanely pretty sister will be there as well. How I miss her! I will make her sit in my lap all evening!

Top of my list? Hmm,  just to be with people you love is the best gift you can have - but OK, perhaps a personalized laptop bag? Honey? Are you reading this?

God Jul, merry Christmas and a joyful evening to you all <3


  1. Adora we got the same bedding, IKEA rules! :p Merry Christmas to you as well (or should I say "Merry goth xmas??), have a nice day with your family!<3

  2. Family is definitely the best part of any seasonal celebration! Have fun with your family. I'm sure Christmas is bound to be interesting with you and your sister! Sadly most of my family are in a different country to me this year :( But my partner and I were together on the Solstice this year which was lovely :)

    My Dad got me a black leather laptop case that looks like a steampunk/Victorian satchel a few years back <3

  3. God Jul till er med!
    Kram Henrietta

  4. Do you not have your face on?