Friday, December 23, 2011

Todays make up

The day before Christmas (we celebrate the 24'th in Sweden ) and I had to go shopping.....

I feel like I should sleep a week to catch up this year.

3 Christmas parties in 3 days.

That is just crazy! Will I even survive?

Highest on my wish list is: time, and a third arm.

I have wanted a third arm for quite some time now..

3 kids fighting and crying about who's gonna hold my hands every morning will eventually put me in some not so particular surgery office to have it done. 


  1. Adora...franken bat?

  2. third arm woudn't that be unsymetrical? I for my part have difficulties to not tumble over all the time with to arms :D but for a person with swedish super power this shouldn't be a problem I guess.
    lots of love F.
    merry christmas

  3. You are just so damn cute :]

  4. Lovely! xD
    I admire you. :)