Thursday, January 12, 2012


This is how the two beds turned out:

I made a small mattress for them today as well. How I wish I could shrink and try one out. But they aren't comfy I suppose. I'm used to a soft, poofy princess mattress myself.

And the toilet is slowly getting there... Today the kids wanted me to make a small round pool for the outside as well...
"-Hi, kids, I'm your mom, and my life is only about pleasing you."

Nah, the truth is I love making things like this with, and for, them. When they are not home I play myself :)
Computer games? Never! Playing with dollhouses and making fun games about pee, with the kids - that's my kind of fun! I'll tell you about that pee game some other time!


  1. I think it's wonderful that your kids still play with toys and dollhouses! :) I'm 23 and I grew up playing board games and playing with My little ponies, puzzles and coloring books and I wouldn't trade that for video games!
    A child's imagination is a beautiful thing and it's sad that many children don't want to play with "traditional" toys or make up stories and games anymore.

  2. Du är världens bäsa mamma! :) Nä barnen har mer glädje när ni gör saker tillsammans än om du eller de ska sitta vid ett tvspel. Vi brukar försöka hitta på lite bus med barnen men ibland hinner man inte. Jag skulle inte ha något emot att vara lyxhustru ;)

  3. I think those mothers like you, there are now only very rarely. My deepest respect for your parenting style.

  4. This is a cute idea. Would you kindly let us know where you purchased the furnitures pieces? I have looked on the internet but have not found any as cute as these. Many thanks!!!