Friday, January 13, 2012


A few more pictures of the dollhouse toilet.

Today I've done no working on the house, but I did start to make a "money robot" with TeeBee.
It was his short day at daycare today.
And while I was at the dentists he had to stay at his dad's work, and he was so sweet and good behaved that one of my husband's coworkers gave him a "tip"! For that tip he wanted to buy himself a special yoghurt, and then he got some coins back and didn't wanna put them in his piggy bank so I suggested we should build a money robot. So we did!
It's not completely done, but it can eat money and the money ends up in his tummy just like TeeBee wanted. We have only the legs and the eyes left for tomorrow.
I'll take a picture of it in the morning, it turned out very well! it's made out of an After Eight box, a fluidliner box, paper and steel wire and some decorations.
It's so fun having kids and do this sort of things :)

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  1. I want see the robot! :(
    Greatings from México!