Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gingerbread house

Christmas is far gone...but the snow just landed in my town so we got a Christmas feeling and made a gingerbread house!

5 kids helped me to decorate it with tons of candy.

And then the kids have invited a few friends over for a gingerbread house slaughter!

I hope I can fight myself a blue candy.

It will probably look like a flock of hungry wolves attacking a small bird when the kids dig in.

Hope I'll have my fingers left afterwards.


  1. awww how cute! the kids will have fun taring that up hehehe

  2. Perfekt tidsfördriv för halvtrista lördagar :)


  4. That is very cute, amazing! It remembers me of my 5 years old birthday cake <3

    I'm starting a new blog, checkout!

  5. Ohhh MAN, that is a tasty-looking house. Makes me wish I could eat sugar...

  6. this is so great!!

  7. Adora, i was wondering if you know anywhere I can order some Kjærlighets te (love tea) ? It's a tea with small hearts in it? I'm from america, and for Valentine's Day, i'm planning to get some for my night out with a special friend ;)