Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty goth shoes: DIY

I have had a hard time getting the cool goth platform shoes I wanted.
Here's the story on how I got my new "homemade" shoes. Take some grown up by the hand as I let the story begin...
The shoes underneath have been my quest for a very long time.
I found them on a picture, but to find them "live" where I actually could buy them has been hell!
Here's my dream shoes:
I've gotten so many helpful tips from everybody that have read my call out for help but unfortunately I never found these exact ones.
The ones found was always too high and not shiny.
I wanted boots that were medium high - mainly because I often wear lace stockings and wanna show them off.
No use looking cool if noone can see it!
And I love glitz and glam so I need my boots to be shiny.

After failing like a snail trying to use powder for a matte look I just had to take my business elsewhere - and I found these:
Not what I was looking for - but they had potential!
When I goth them they were not as shiny as on the picture, but not as matte as leather look either.
They are so comfortable and are my absolute favorite boots ever (well, at the moment)!
I bought them with the intent of altering them.

This is what I did:
Snip snip
So much better
Ta-daa! Almost as they were supposed to be. I didn't want a satin bow, but that was all I had at home.
Now I have changed to what it was supposed to be to begin with: dirty white crochet lace bows. So cute!
Here is how they look on my lovely feet

I think there is some "Today's style" picture recently with the new bows.


  1. The ones you want would probably not be as shiny either. They look like that because of studio lighting and photoshop. Same as with the ones you bought. The shoes in the second picture are probably the real shine, they seem the same model other than the extra 3 eyelets. But with yours, you could try to get the lines on the sole with acrylic paint.

  2. Plus, you got buckles to use in another DIY adventure! :)

  3. To the first post: That is not true. Boots like that are usually sold in both PVC and PU (fake leather). The studio pictures shows shoes in PVC, the others in PU. We don't Photoshop pictures of shoes other than removing dust from the studio background, some sharpening and a maybe a bit contrast. Example pvc vs. pu: /a photographer

  4. Your dream shoes are on eBay! :) Adress below, there's a listing for all sizes if it's not yours

  5. nice! i found some a while back with the buckles too at a thrift store but i didnt get them ugh! i love what you did to those :)

  6. You might be able to put grooves on the soles using a dremel...:) But you'd better have a steady hand for the surgery!

  7. Oh I love these bat tights!! :D

    And the couch on the first picture *.*

    Good job with your shoes! <3

  8. De ser mycket bättre ut sådär. Jag brukar alltid byta ut skosnörena mot sidenband, det blir alltid finare :-)

  9. They are sooo cool!!You´re an artist!!!=)

  10. WOW! They look great! You're such a freaky lady! :)

  11. Oooh finally I found where you get them! I alway think "Those beautiful boots! Where did she found them?? I could not find them anywhere!!"
    I just love how you altered them, they now seem to be totally different! So unique :)

    (And I also thought those white stuffs where bones, uggh.)

    Always compliments for your style, Adora ^^

  12. Those are some badass shoes ;P

  13. These boots are SO nice. I LOVE the satin bow detail!

  14. I know what I am going to do!! Thank you sweetheart, I adore your style xx

  15. I would put a dab of black shoe polish where the spots are that you cut because they are lighter then the rest.

  16. at first we had those shoes at our dutch online stores, only i can't find them annymore, maybe you will like these shoes to, i have them and i'm so happy with it!
    (if you need help with the site just ask)