Monday, January 16, 2012

Todays make up

Apparently I'm down.

Could it be because it's Monday?

Never me! I'm like a rocket in the pants of a dog scared of bit of kaboom!

Happy mode: ON!


  1. Snygga swirls! Åh jag hatar varannan måndag för då åker barnen till sin pappa :'(

  2. It's Blue Monday today, according to twitter, everybody is down :(
    I love your swirly eyeliner :)

  3. Oh, come on.. I really like Adora, but her makeup seems to be the same like 3 months and more.. Here a swirl, there a swirl-add dots with your pencil and tadaa.. -.-
    Can´t understand the people who would like to have a tutorial.. Grab your eyeliner and start to be creative yourself!