Monday, January 16, 2012

My Music Mondays: Desireless

This was the second girl I fell in love with as a teen.
In the early 80's there was almost impossible to get hold of her outfit, now you can get it in like 3 days... WHY, oh why, was not Internet invented when I was a teen?!
The hairstyle is to die for! Enjoy both ears and eyes: Voyage Voyage by Desireless. Official page HERE.
I have made out with numerous boys that looked like this, but with colored black hair <3
My husband was one!
As the rest of the songs I've presented on Music Monday's this is a classic for Swedish synthare/electro goths.


  1. Det är så himla snyggt!! Min syrra hade en liknande stil då det begav sig. Fast det varade en kort tid för senare blev det progg/punk för hela slanten :o))
    Ha en bra dag!

  2. Det är lite märkligt för du har ju eg. riktigt bra musiksmak i grunden, men det ser inte alls ut som det. :P

  3. I completely agree, grat song and look!

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