Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Victorian collar prototype

Today I got the first Victorian collar, signed BatBrat. I feel so proud!

But, sure, some trouble ahead once more. It's made in the wrong material. The seamstresses have used the dupion taffeta from the Adorable Heart blouse instead of the thicker bridal satin...

Just to send back, and redo.

What you think? About when I'm 97 the BatBrat collection will finally be out for sales...


  1. Sounds like you need a new seamstress. If they cannot get even simple things like the right fabric. Why would you want them involved in your business venture? They are costing you money for every mistake they make. Costing you down time on your website. Etc.

  2. Beautiful picture ;)Crowns suit you very well.

  3. id buy it like that too id do some spending damage buying all ur stuff lol kisses!