Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fairlight's leopard outfit

My princess Fairlight got a green stick fracture at school Wednesday :(

She got it from falling from a swing while trying to break some record...

Today she was invited for a birthday party at a "kids play-land". She wanted to be dressed like and wear leopard make up.
Although having a cast she was running around more than the other kids! She's a trooper <3

She looks so good wearing leopard prints!


  1. Her outfit was adorable! I love it=)

  2. she looks so cute! hopefully my future kids will be as sweet as yours! your blog always put a smile on my face.
    Lots of love F. <3

  3. you should put more pictures of your kids up their so adorable just like their mom

  4. awwww shes darling! she rocks the hell out of that cast! fairlight your gonna break hearts and faces hehehe my zombie just said shes so pretty! love you adora ill drink a beer for you tonight even tho u dnt like beer that much lol :*

  5. Hon är verkligen lik dig, särskilt leendet! :)

  6. Oh, she's so ADORAble!
    And looks so much like you c: