Thursday, February 9, 2012

Todays make up

Today I had a dinner at my in-laws so I tried to look respectable and stylish in my little homemade hat.

I went for ordinary cute today.

and some more...

What the hell, I toss in a close up as well.

Tomorrow it's Friday! Bring out your Friday glasses then!


  1. oh man! i missed u by 16 min lol you are so beautiful :) eeek i sounded like a stalker hahahah kisses to u adora!

  2. if you ever want to experiment on anyone with hair mkup clothes hahaha ill be ur canvas! :) hey it was worth a shot right! lol ok im done herrassing you hehehe love you very much!you always amaze the hell out of me

  3. Yeah you look very ordinary ;)
    It's gorgeous as always!


    You should try out one of these!

  5. Love it, especially the little lines and dots under your eyes! :)

  6. adora, i was re-watching your valentines day youtube video and i would love to know how you do your pretty princess hair?would you be willing to give a goth girl some pointers?:) or a tutorial?;)