Saturday, February 18, 2012

Funny item for tea drinkers

This might not be quite goth items, but I just found them so darn funny!

Imagine this:
Your husband invited over some friends from work for a cup of tea.
Being a total joker you thought it might be funny to use this teapot.

It can be bought here for $39.34.
Only one problem - your husbands co-workers are from a country known for terrorism.! Can I offer you some gingerbread cookies instead..heh..
Then you will just whip out your other teapot and kill yourself...
This one is made by Dennis Shields and can be bought for the "small" amount $2200 here.
(doubt it can be used though sínce it's merged into a plastic gun..)

Then I'm betting a teapot like this will show up after all the commotion..
I think this salt and pepper matches the crowd too!


  1. Oooooh I want the revolve teapot :D

  2. Hallo Goth Queen ! Look what I've found (you might be interested and so is everyone who likes cooking) This is a video of one of -the amazing goth girls i knew- list (yes, you are one of them)Aaand her latest video is on her youtube profile, so here's the link:
    Hope I'll be useful ! Lot of love!
    -A 15 years old goth girl-
    (yh, i know, i'm just a kid!)

  3. omg! i want the salt n pepper grenades my bf would love those darn! that would of been a great vday gift even the gun teapot but to bad im not rich enough :( hmmmm ill just take some pottery classes haha make my own jk jk nice findings adora kisses :*

  4. ok wait i meant i wasnt rich enough for the teapot lol

  5. I love it, so original! To go further, there's also the unusual "knife block": (I like pretty much the "wheel of death")

  6. Oh funny this reminds me of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith which I love though not usually a fan of hollywood crap.

  7. Oh, Adora! Thank you for helping me smile when feeling so down.

  8. i want the grenade salt and pepper shakers! awesome!

  9. I love your sets and the way there look i think ill make some in calls

  10. Adora i love your gun cookies <3