Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm late!

"What?! Is she having ANOTHER child!"

No, nooo.... absolutely not.
But there was apparently a huge accident on the main road so my bus is late - ergo - I'm late..

Right now I'm on a train instead. I will still arrive, but fashionable late.


  1. Lol your funny :) I'm always fashionably late! I'm working on leaving fashionably early instead.

  2. hehehehe!!i'm usually fashionably late too , but i drive the cuttest bicycle and my appointment is like 5 mins away, so i'm often facing murder!!:-)))))

  3. so pretty! og and I miss your crafting tutorials ):

  4. Another adora kid would be very cute though! The three you have already are GORGEOUS... They're making me broody!