Thursday, February 2, 2012

Todays make up

On my way to have a meeting with Fairlight s teacher to know about her progress in school.
I hope I will only hear words as "perfect ", "kind", "happy", "friendly" and stuff like that.
But as a Goth mum I wouldn't mind hearing she tried to bite her classmates, play games where people are supposed to die and tell the kids scary stories about vampires, zombies and werewolfs so they can't sleep at night. That'd be okay too!
But most important is that she seems happy!


  1. Amaing makeup look! Make a video and show how you made it please? I would really love to see you doing more makeup videos! =)

  2. ok adora my bf has the ink and needles ready i want to get a tattoo of ur beautiful eyes i love ur mkup so much n ur such an inspiration to me so its gonna get done and ill post up a pic after hope you will like :) it was hard because i had so many of ur pics to chose from lol well here i go hope u see this and see my pic :)

  3. You look like a doll! Love dat makeup.

  4. I dream to be a Goth mother like you and dress my daughter as a doll *.*

  5. Hey Adora! I know how much you love your husband and you've been together so much time with him.
    I was born in Romania but last year I moved in Belgium due to my father's work. I had a friend in Romania that wanted to come here also. I didn't knew, but after 2 months of staying here he told me the only reason he came here in Belgium and leave his hole life there is because he loved me. We've been together ever since and I can explain how much I love him. I didn't feel so much happiness in my entire life , we are young and we love each other so much we can explain it in words. I would be useless to put my love in words because it is so big and strong i's not possible. But after a few months of searching for work so we can stay together we couldn't find anything. We tried and we tried but without any success. He doesn't speak dutch , only english so was very difficult to find a job. We tried everywhere. He decided to go back to Romania because his parents found him something to work there. We also started a blog because he's a sculptor and a painter and I am a painter too . art is our life . We decided to make something with sculpting to help us raise some money in order for him to stay here. But that wasn't successful either. I am so desperate I don't know what to do anymore I feel like there's no sense in life without him and he feels the same too. I know we're very young, I'm almost 18 , he is 20 years old, but you understand what kind of love I'm talking about here, because this kind of love hold you close to your husband since you we're very young. I can't tell you how much pain I feel because he's leaving and we cry together every day.

    I don't know either why exactly I told you these. I wanted to say to you that you are very lucky to have your husband and your kids with you and that you don't stop appreciating this because you are one in 1 billion people that are given the chance to be truly happy.

    Be strong and don't give up never at what you have.

  6. YLLD! Stunning Make up!

    I always ask myself, how do people react to your appearance?
    I mean teachers know you now for a longer time, but what is with people who see you for the first time?

    Even when I'm not dressed up half so heavy as you do, people tend to stare at me like at an alien (or something...can't describe this) ok I do have a faible for coloured contact lenses :-) perhaps its that.

    I hope teachers just dare to tell you good things about your daughter :-)