Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Goth" gadgets: Candy blox

Well, this isn't a real "goth" item,  but since I'm a huge Lego-fan I decided everyone else who is goth loves Lego too. I simply putting down my foot saying it's so.
I can always claim that most goths are extremly creative, therefore we love Lego. And we are also fond of destruction - therefore we love Lego. The inventer of Lego must have been goth! Yeah, I will decide that.

Annnnyyyy whooo, I JUST discovered this amazing candy (you should not eat candy, but if you do, choose the impressive stuff). Lego candy!!!
The Lego company wasn't clever enough to come up with this idea themselves so they are called Candy Blox instead...but sure, it's a ripoff.
I've never seen them in Sweden.
They should make black liquorice ones as well, real goth candy.


  1. Aw that lego fellow was cute! Yeah I love lego as well. I use to help the youngest one to build. Not because he cant, but he's a bit lazy sometimes. We use sit side by side on the floor building one item each. :)

  2. It's kind of interesting to see what other countries don't have, I've seen these around in Canada for aslong as I can remember. Also lego is pretty awesome

  3. Goth Lego! Amazing ;D Greatly enjoying the photography and fashions on your blog here, great page! I came across your posts while researching for the Goth Rock cartoon i'm working on! You can check it out at would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers, Llexi \m/