Monday, February 13, 2012

Todays make up

With risking to sound like an old geezer I must say that my Sweden is like a fairy-tale this time of year.

Sure, bit too cold sometimes, but it is so beautiful I think I'm in some kind of saga.


  1. awww sweden must be really nice in person it sux where im at! really hard for a pale girl to hide from the sun and anyone whos pale knows it is hard work to maintain such beautiful skin when its a billion degrees out im always hiding lol anyways love you adora! kisses :*

  2. adora where did you get that adorable winter hat?! :3

  3. oh my gosh it so beautiful, hard to imagine that the other side of the world is a pure white winter wonderland right now! It's an average of 30c here in Australia at the moment! :) I can't wait to visit Sweden!