Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

When I got on the bus this morning I was given a bag of jelly hearts from the bus company.
How cute!

What a lovely thing to get!
Spread the love <3

Have a love filled day today! I'm sending you a big hug - just for you. But you need to promise to always take care of your heart and only let good things in there.
I LOVE ME! And you love you!


  1. Oh, that´s too sweet <3

    I recently found out, that this day also is called "Horny Werewolf Day"

    As I like Valentine´s Day, I wish you a lovely one with lots of sweets and star wars! :)

  2. Adora do you know of Emilie Autumn? if not you HAVE to check her out! I think you would like her style:)The heart on your cheek reminded me of her (she always has a heart on her cheek).
    Btw, You look beautiful as always

  3. Ha that is cute :D
    Happy Valentines :)

  4. Late Happy Valentines Day Adora and that's sweet (pun intended) ^,..,^

  5. awwww happy late valentines day! i made cupcakes for u but my zombies attaked them hahaha :)

  6. Your dentist did a great job! Those fangs are looking perfect, just like you.. I like the way you look natural, without lip gloss, very beautiful.. By the way, never too late to say Happy V (valentine's or vamires'? you guess!) day to the goth queen!!
    -A 15 years old goth girl-
    (yh, i know, i'm just a kid)