Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goth eyebrows

Not done! Be carefully not to burn your eyes out, because there are no make up on eyes...

I usually paint my brows using my Kryolan cake liner and CEL sealer for delicate work such as eyebrows.

But today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be devilish crazy and try something else. Well tested since before, yes, but in a completely new area.

I will not lie. My hands shaked as I dipped my thin aquarelle brush into the little container and then spread the glossy IsAdora( I know it's called IsaDora, but I like IsAdora better) over my forhead where my "eyebrows" are located.
Judgement on IsAdora glossy eyeliner waterproof so far:
+ looove the very black and glossy line it left. Quite easy to paint on, but I expect more from my eyeliners. But, again, it looks super sharp because of it's very black, glossy color.
- can't paint super thin lines and the color isn't flowing enough to sweep the line on, I must paint slow in order for the color to get a grip. I hate slow..
It feels like it might crack during the day, but it can prove me wrong.


  1. Jag använder den varje dag till mina bryn, och tycker den funkar toppen!! Det blir verkligen svart och sitter verkligen kanonbra. Hoppas du gillar den :)

  2. I saw this on cut out and keep and thought it was so cute looking like the bats are fluttering in the hair and the girl sounds goth she says...
    "I made it today. It's sooo easy you can drop dead."