Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Old picture of the day and Best buy

Demonia Trashville boots are the best!
Even as a pregnant girl they were so comfortable! I can really recommend everyone to get a pair - pregnant or not.
Look how effortless I carry Fairlight on my hip (and TeeBee in my tummy), just like an accessoire. All because of those shoes.

I have both the buckles and the "buck-less" (hahaha, what a lousy joke) ones, both in glossy, glossy.
I prefer the ones without buckles since it makes my legs look so much longer.
Buy them at X-tra-x for €99 here.
They also sell the buckle Trashvilles, €109.


  1. Awesome picture! And I love those shoes!

  2. Adora, i really love your hair in the picture. Do you have more pictures of that hairstyle?

  3. Oh my gosh, those are the boots I've been wanting to get my hands on for years now, ha ha! I'm planning on finally buying a pair once I have extra cash. They look so cute on you! :D

  4. My favorite thing when I was little was that my mom could carry me on her hips like a boss. Haha. She is very petite and only 4'11 in height. :P cute picture!

  5. You HAVE to go back to that hairstyle :D It's just soo cool!

  6. cute :D

  7. You haven´t aged a day! But the baby has ;DDD