Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My desktop

I used to have such a cute picture of me as desktop, but then I did something and it disappeared!
Isn't that just strange (doofus Adora, all thumbs..)?
So I just added a tile of a favorite picture of me, when I look as crazy as I feel. You know, for the time beeing, until I did a new desktop picture of <3me<3. Did that ever happen....
But I really like this expression on my face! It's a keeper :)


  1. Lol that makes you seem so vain hunny. Still love ya though! Love the "Today's make up" stuff, keep em' comin' girly!

  2. vain??? adora?? the girl who makes her husband dress up after he gets out of work and tells the world if he gets fat she wont love him anymore??? Noooooooooooooooo no way could she be vain! =p

  3. Yes, you're soooo vain Adora, but at the end of the day nobody's perfect.
    lots of love