Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Todays look

Me and TeeBee's day at home.

Kind of no make up..thank God for big sunglasses that makes me look like a fly!

I just have to run out and make a quick stop at my dentist since one old filling fell out. Ouch!

And I am ever so happy about the sun and the 14 degrees Celsius that makes me able to wear my orchestra jacket from H&M I bought a couple of years ago, again. I look so smart in it!

Did I leave my clarinet at home?

I did play it for 5 years you know!


  1. I have the same Jacket, too! And a nice military hat with the same design.

    I love your Blog so mutch.
    lg marleen-chan from Germany

  2. I would love to have some sunglasses like this! Mine are broken or lost so I definitely need to buy.

  3. Vad gör du med dina tänder egentligen? Du är ju hos tandläkaren HELA tiden typ. :P

  4. I love that jacket, but my boobs are to big so everything similar to that I'd wear would not suit me :(