Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old picture of the day

In my 20's something.
Where the hell did that lovely cross linen go? An all black clothing is not always that smart I guess when it comes to wardrobes.
This is from a birthday party at a co-worker to my husband. I look soooo relaxed...and a bit evil ;)

Here we were on our way out to town on a hot summers day. No tattoos! It looks so wierd!
Too bad black hair don't suite me that well, but it looks okay here.
I have always had a thing for lace stockings as you might have picked up on!


  1. you are so beautiful! and i think you look great w black hair :) i wish i could pull off the blonde but im so used to either colors or just black! are you gonna make any more vids?????

  2. Du är så söt på andra bilden! Som en liten docka. Och strumpbyxorna är verkliged to die for.

  3. Such sweet pictures! <3 I like especially the second one and I also think black hair looks great on you :)

  4. It doesn't matter, when it is a old pic or a new, you looks really great and i love your style. You're really Creative with your make up and you're a beauty. Without - and With make up. I like your videos and Photos too. Amaziiing Girl ;P ...
    Soo.... *te pup (=romanian)*
    nice greets from Germany ;) ...

  5. I can't believe this was many years ago! You still look as young as then! Bathing in virgin blood or something??!!

  6. I really can't believe these pictures are from so long ago! You look so young...but of course, you are a vampire, it's to be expected :)

    In the picture with black hair, I think you look kind of like Apnea!

  7. I like the black hair best.

  8. Black hair looks great on you, but seems too much "a normal goth", and you know, you´re more like a happy and fun goth, what makes the colorfull hair fit better on you ;)