Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Goth style by H&M

I just bought these lovely dot stockings at H&M.
I tried to make a goth Adora by using things in their webshop since I shop at H&M all of the time, but I was not able to add as many things at the same time as I wanted so it doesn't look at all as my style...only half done...
..but at least the stockings looks great on me!


  1. Nice stockings . I want some . :) <3 u adora

  2. Adora, what brand of hair dye do you use/recommend? (Special Effects, Directions, Manic Panic...?)

  3. Everything looks good on you, dear Adora ^_^

  4. @Sannah, Adora uses Directions hair dye (at least she uses to say that in her posts).
    The only element I like in the outfit are the stockings. The rest..hmm, not very "goth" at all...