Friday, April 20, 2012

Todays make up

Wihooo!  It's Friday!

Sweden sucks a bit right now - it rains, rains and rains....

If someone in Spain, Italy or elsewhere where it's hot happens to own a private jet and wanna save me from drowning I would really appreciate it *I'll make you cupcakes*

I so hate when it rains because it smells like worms and snails outside and that almost makes me puke.

And I'm cold and it looks boring.

I am not one of those Goths who enjoy this gloomy weather.

I'll run down and check out a 50% sale on shabby chic furniture right now. Let's see if I'll bring something back... perhaps that will cheer my moody, moping, sour, bit angry mood up.

Don't know why I'm complaining really - I have a lovely Goth thing going on right now. I should be proud of myself not being so cheery and stupidly happy.


  1. in spain it´s raining right now!!!

  2. Mm. I love the smell of drowned worms in a rainy morning! No, it's really disguisting. We have icy winds and snow. :(

  3. In northern Italy it has been raining all morning. Now there's a shy sun and but there are still too many clouds!!!

  4. Omg, how did you do that make-up?

    I need Gothic make-up tips for my Gradation day!

    I like vampires, mermaids, and faeries.

    Does that help any? :)


  5. I wish I had a private jet to take you to Spain (in my city it's not raining!:p)
    Minouille <3

  6. In my town in centre of Italy is a beautiful sunny and hot day :)
    Please come here, I want your cupcakes!!

  7. Hey, how many Italians :)
    I live in the North of the country and last week the weather was terrible :(