Thursday, April 19, 2012

Todays make up

You know the feeling when you just love your face - I had that today!I felt so Adora BatBrat <3
I'm quite happy about how I turned out today <3
The cute girls at daycare said I had my prettiest moment ever today. I even heard the word "princess".
They were most intrigued by my one green eye. How is that possible?! they said.

My own kids are never impressed.. -Mhm, so you have your lens on today *gasp*. What's for dinner?
Kind off like that. links:
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  1. Gorgeous! Your makeup looks amazing.

  2. "You know that feeling when you just love your face?" You're so vain Adora. Ever heard of the expression 'beauty is skin deep'?

  3. Anonymous: There's nothing wrong with being happy with how you look.

  4. Super pretty! I wish I could have long hair like yours. Mine doesn't grow fast enough!