Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Halloween edible eyes

Sweet Realm Hell from Facebook shared this link with me and I just thought all goths could benifit from this one!

I have no clue about the recipe, but it wouldn't be so hard to figure out I think. I would guess gelatin have something to do with it..


  1. Is made of Kanten,a Japanese traditional alge jelly. You can replace it for normal jelly (without flavour) mixed with condensed milk. For the iris you use round cutted -strawberry jelly. And the black spot the same.

  2. What about using tapioca?

  3. it's not condensed milk, it's a sort of yogurt drink called "calpis". (it tastes pretty sour and sweet, quite popular in Japan and Taiwan.)

    for the "blood" coming out of the eyeball, just use frozen raspberry, the heat of the jelly liquid will melt it down!

    here's another detailed video introducing how to make eyeball jelly:

    1. dissolve some eatable pigment with water

    2. dissolve some alge jelly(1~2g) with warm water(100ml)

    3. mix liquid jelly with liquid pigment, and cool it down in a plate or in something flat

    4. cut down some small circle (you can always cut the particle thinner afterward)

    and the rest are quite self explanatory in the video :)

    (while making the eyeball body, it requires more alge jelly so you might need to heat it on the fire to fully dissolve the jelly, you can also adjust whether how hard you would the eyeball to be an this stage!)

    (you have to pour in small amount of eyeball jelly liquid and cool it down a bit to seal down the iris before pour all in!)

  4. I think You can buy jelly-beans (jellies) like that, packed separately to maintain good shape ;]. As far as I remember, TROLLI makes them. If we have them in Poland, You certainly have them in Sweden :}

  5. Sasha James

    Thanks for that link I looked everywhere and searched a few times and could only find the popping Candy and Gummy jelly Recipes :)

    I will be trying to make them as soon as I can find a mould :)
    and see if the Asian shop here carries or can get me some alge jelly

    Thanks Adora for posting this <3 xox
    I will look forward to you attempting this maybe one day soon hehe :P

    Realm Hell :D
    xox <3

  6. with the vid there was another link, I followed it and it has the products and pricing etc on it even for the Trays YAY!!

    Thanks Again :D

    Realm Hell