Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stupid Blue chair!

This stupid chair is mocking me!
Every time I have time enough to finish it, it's too late so I can't start hammering because of the neighbours.
This is my personal vendetta and I will finish it off at lunchtime tomorrow.

Now I've said it! And I have to bow my head in shame if I don't make it!
I'll even go as far as to say: IF I have not placed a picture of the damn chair by 23:00 tomorrow, complete with blue fabric AND trimming, I MUST put up a picture of me without make up where my face is clearly viewed and recent (no baby pictures).

Don't get your hopes up - I have no intention of failing!


  1. Looking forward to finally seeing you with no makeup so we can see how gorgeous you are even with no lipstick. ;)

    (I'm just teasing, I have complete faith in you!)

  2. Lycka till :). Stolen är jättefin!